Warning to parents: If your child becomes interested in working with wood, this may result in a variety of physical, social, and mental health consequences.

Your child will develop hand-to-eye co-ordination, learn manual skills, grow in self confidence, find expression for their natural creativity, develop problem solving skills, develop a greater appreciation for trees, reduce their dependence on electronic entertainment, build muscle strength, increase dexterity with their hands, become handy around the house in future years, and may even develop a lifelong passion for woodworking.

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Saturday, July 16, 2011

A nice little project - Small Toolbox.

Today I did a woodworking activity at a kids birthday party. It was a heap of fun, and the 14 kids present, after doing some free creative play with hammers and nails and lots of bits of wood, could then chose between a couple of different projects. One of these was a small open toolbox with a handle.

Not just a toolbox - it can also hold magazines, toys, and more.
I had previously pre-cut all the components, and we just helped the kids to nail together the components in the right sequence. There are only 6 components, plus a few screws and nails. We didn't use glue this time, as the kids were in their party clothes. We don't want PVA glue on any fairy dresses!

Above is a plan of the toolbox which may prove useful to you. Double click on the image to open it up.

A couple of toolboxes under construction.
 These kids were all aged 6 and 7, and this project was quite straightforward to them. It was all hammers and nails, wihch the kids were pretty good at. The handles were the trickiest part, as the handle is not positioned up against an edge - though it could be flush at the top. However it looks better set down from the top by about 10mm. The kids used a hand drill to drill the screw holes for the screws. 

When it's completed, why not give it a coat of paint?
 A whole bunch of toolboxes and other creations went home with the smiling kids from the party today.
It's a great project and it's worth doing it again.  Happy birthday Nina and Tobi!