Warning to parents: If your child becomes interested in working with wood, this may result in a variety of physical, social, and mental health consequences.

Your child will develop hand-to-eye co-ordination, learn manual skills, grow in self confidence, find expression for their natural creativity, develop problem solving skills, develop a greater appreciation for trees, reduce their dependence on electronic entertainment, build muscle strength, increase dexterity with their hands, become handy around the house in future years, and may even develop a lifelong passion for woodworking.

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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Welcome aboard!!

Welcome! This little piece of cyberspace is a resource relating specifically to woodworking with kids. I hope that the information and pictures will inspire you and help guide you as you encourage any of the children in your life to discover the joy of wood. I will periodically post information and photos about tools, projects, and how to get kids started playing with wood.
It will be great if this is an interactive process too. If you have questions or comments about tools and techniques suitable for kids, then please post a question or comment in "Comments" below, and I will be very happy to respond. These discussions may be of benefit to others too.

Getting Started.
How young can kids be to start working with wood? In my experience children from around age 3 can enjoy hitting nails into pieces of wood. It is a great place to start - so long as the hammer is not too heavy for them, the work surface is a comfortable height, the timber is soft enough for them to drive the nails into, and the nails are small enough and suitable for them to manage. These few variable outline some of the ways we can encourage and facilitate the process. It is all too easy for us to dampen any glimmer of interest shown by a child if we fail to address a few simple principles. That is exactly what this blog is all about!  

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